Square Feet UK Ltd


We are a specialist business created to offer efficiency and the highest quality to the property industry.

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All our photographers are highly trained and experienced professionals equipped with the latest digital SLR cameras, wide angle lenses and lighting units. They are not just great photographers they are also very proficient with the latest photo editing software packages.M

They will photograph the interior and exterior of the property to make it look as attractive as possible, keeping an eye out for any unique features that will help it sell. It is quite common to be presented with a house that requires a little ‘dressing’ to get the perfect shot; moving furniture, straightening cushions and curtains are all part of what we do to achieve the best composition.

At the end of the day’s shoots our photographers edit the photos and ensure they are all colour balanced before proofs are sent on to you via email for selection. Any further ‘PhotoShop’ work is carried out prior to the high resolution photos are sent, this can include removal of competitor’s Sale boards, adding a blue sky and even perspective correction to ensure the photos show the property at its best.

We pride ourselves on being very efficient and all photos will be with you within 24 hours of visiting the property if not sooner!


No expense is spared with our equipment. We use the latest Leica laser distance measuring devices and measure properties according to the guidelines laid down by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

We are happy to supply plans according to your specifications and file types.

No details are missed and we have a thorough checking procedure before the plans are emailed to you.

We can return completed plans to you within 24 hours of visiting the property.

Virtual Tours

To add a dynamic edge to your website include one of our fully immersive spherical virtual tours to your website.

We choose the optimum location in each room to maximize the viewing experience and to enable the viewer to have a real understanding of what it would be like to live in the property.

Unlike other companies out there our tours show a full 360 x 180 degree view of the location to display whole rooms, gardens or buildings in one spherical image. The viewer can tilt the image up to see the ceiling or down and zoom in to view the floor.

The latest technology and equipment are used to produce flawless tours which can be sent to you in a variety of file formats to suit your particular application. File sizes are optimized for fast web downloads with the best image quality retained.

Attention to detail is not lost either. The same care and high photographic standards are maintained to capture the same atmosphere, mood and overall image quality as our stills photographs.

It is interesting to note that having interactive virtual tours on your website will make the viewer spend more time browsing your site rather than clicking onto your competitor’s site


The importance of a good brochure is often overlooked. A template can be created according to your Company’s branding. Our photographs and floorplans are then brought together with text you supply and inserted into the design. A PDF proof will be emailed to you and once signed off the finished brochures will be delivered to you within 48 hours. There is a selection of laminated finishes and paper weights for you to choose from.

Estate Agents

Being a specialist business who knows the property industry inside out as an Estate Agent you can rest assured knowing you are in good hands.

We take the burden of photography and floorplanning off you and your staff’s hands to enable them to concentrate on selling the properties and earning that all important commission.

We like to keep everything simple. When you take on a new instruction just email us with the property and vendor’s details and we’ll do the rest. We’ll arrange an appointment with the vendor at the earliest convenience (usually the next day) and will undertake all work in just one visit.

Proof image will be emailed to you the next morning for you to make your selection from. The floorplan is typically ready 24 hours after visiting the property.

Our unique value for money package system simplifies pricing enabling you to stay in control of your budgets with ease with no big surprises.


You will have different requirements to an Estate Agent which we understand and cater for.

More in depth creative photography is usually required ranging from lifestyle photography in show homes to detail photos of fixtures and fittings.

We can draw on years of experience in shooting high level interiors & architecture for magazines, stylish office spaces for commercial interior designers and celebrity endorsed product photography for international advertising campaigns.

Shooting with the latest high pixel cameras we can produce file sizes large enough for poster advertising, magazine covers or virtual tours as panoramic images for exhibitions or billboards.

Virtual tours really come into their own on new developments. Not only do they help to sell the properties but they are a fantastic interactive tool to showcase past developments in your portfolio and enhance your long term image.

We will meet with you to discuss your requirements with a view to compiling a detailed brief to work from. Multiple visits will be included in your quote to enable the development to be photographed on a sunny day or at night for a high impact effect.


Our services lend themselves perfectly to the leisure industry.

Hotels, health clubs, resorts, conference facilities and golf courses to name but a few all benefit from high quality photography and a good internet presence.

We will work closely with your marketing department or design/PR agency to compile a detailed brief. A timescale is set and when the work is complete it can be supplied according to your specific technical requirements.

We can provide all the necessary material for your next marketing campaign, to refresh your website or create a new one from scratch if required.

Our specialist experience makes our work and your establishment stand out from the crowd . . this in turn will lead to increased bookings!